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"There are many Angels, and many destinies."
—The Angel of Destiny to The Charmed Ones

Angels of Destiny exist outside of time and space, purley to maintain the Grand Design. Angels of Destiny vary in gender, and can be male or female.Angels of Destiny have been seen to be immortal, invincible, and even beyond the powers of The Charmed Ones. The Angels have many different ways of teleportation, depending on the Angel.

Angels of Destiny are among the highest - if not the highest of supernatural beings. They command the Elders and Death himself.


The Deal Edit


The sisters consider the deal.

As a reward for vanquishing the Source, the Angel of Destiny offered to erase the destiny of the Charmed Ones and allow them to lead normal lives, demon free. The sisters would relinquish their powers and they would never need to fight demons again. The angel stated that the book of shadows would pass onto future generations.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Angels of Destiny are among the most powerful beings in the Charmed Universe. They are truly immortal beings, thus they do not age. As well as immortality, they possess immunity to everything, including the powers of the Charmed Ones. Like most supernatural beings they have the ability to teleport from one place to another, through golden swirling particles.

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